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Hi Pentax users, I have put up a poll on Pentaxforums looking for users that have had “Aperture Block Failures” your input would be great!
Pentax Aperture/Diaphragm Control Block Failures
I am starting this thread in an attempt to follow up with Ricoh/Pentax with regards to how many camera models have been afflicted with “APERTURE BLOCK” or “DIAPHRAGM CONTROL BLOCK FAILURES” and if their camera was/has been fixed by Ricoh/Pentax.

If you have a camera that has failed please answer the poll question that affects your model, i.e. K1, K50 ,K70 and more!

If your model is not listed in the poll questions provided please post a reply with the “model & shutter count” at time of failure.

Please respond through the link on PentaxForums!


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Talk in the news about “Work Sharing” piece from Upjohn Research 1981.

The following text is an excerpt from the Upjohn paper:-

While efforts to gain more free time have been a concern of labor movements dating back to the 18th century, the notion of reducing work time in order to share employment made its most obvious appearance in 1887 when Samuel Gompers, the President of the American Federation of Labor, declared that,

‘ ‘As long as we have one person seeking work who cannot find it, the hours of work are too long.”


Canada Action Plan (something new?)


Work-sharing bill would diminish union power