UFCW is first to unionize cannabis retailers in Quebec – UFCW Canada – Canada’s Private Sector Union

Montreal – December 10, 2018 – UFCW Canada is proud to announce that applications to represent employees at SQDC cannabis retail locations in both Rosemont and Rimouski, Quebec have been certified by Quebec’s Administrative Labour Tribunal (Tribunal administratif du travail, or TAT). The two new bargaining units make UFCW the first union to represent workers in Quebec’s emerging cannabis sector. Rosemont was certified on December 7, and Rimouski on November 26.

Workers at the SQDC cannabis retail locations look to UFCW as the union for cannabis workers and its proven record to negotiate collective agreements in the sector that:

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American Farmers Are in Crisis so is the economy really doing as well as Trump says?

These are not isolated stories. As early as February 2018, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) predicted a decline in net farm income to its lowest level since 2002 (adjusted for inflation), with median farm income projected at negative $1,316. For well over a year, worries about a new farm crisis have rippled across rural America. The very term is synonymous with the 1980s, when the bottom dropped out of the agricultural economy, sending thousands of farms into foreclosure and shuttering businesses.

Grain and dairy farmers were beginning to see a repeat of the ‘80s as their prices dropped this spring — and then President Trump started a trade war. Retaliatory agricultural tariffs have kicked this new farm crisis into high gear. The president is offering $12 billion in farm aid to ease the pain, but neither those payments nor the farm bill being hammered out in Congress will substantially change the outlook for farm country. Ever since federal farm policy told farmers to “get big or get out” in the ‘70s, the push toward consolidation has created decades of slow-burning crisis for many farmers. The problem has some rural residents re-envisioning rural policy from the ground up.

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