Donald Trump’s pardons must not obstruct justice

Abuses of constitutional clemency power should be investigated and prosecuted LAURENCE TRIBE 

If, as Alexander Pope reflected in 1711, “to err is human, to forgive, divine,” then the US Constitution’s pardon power — the prerogative of forgiveness — should be beyond reproach. Instead, a godless US president who appears incapable of forgiveness has seemingly perverted this instrument of mercy into another grave threat to the rule of law. Donald Trump’s recent twisting of the pardon power risks leaving a damaging legacy: a blueprint for manipulating this vestige of royal prerogative to place presidents and their cronies above the law. But a remedy exists: investigation and potential prosecution. We must treat any obstructions of justice we uncover as the crimes they are.Financial Times

Did Emperor Nero (Trump) really play  fiddle (Golf) while Rome (Nashville) burned?

“Nero, the fifth Roman emperor, is among the most despised figures from history for his horrific cruelty to early Christians and, as the legend goes, for playing the fiddle while Rome was consumed by fire.”

NYTimes: I’m Haunted by What I Did as a Lawyer in the Trump Justice Department

I’m Haunted by What I Did as a Lawyer in the Trump Justice Department

By Erica Newland

Ms. Newland worked in the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department from 2016-18.

Quote “I never harboured delusions about a Trump presidency. Mr. Trump readily volunteered that his agenda was to disassemble our democracy, but I made a choice to stay at the Justice Department — home to some of the country’s finest lawyers — for as long as I could bear it.”