Watching A Great Democracy Die!

As a Canadian watching and reading the daily news from around the world nothing can be more troubling than what is happening with our closest neighbours south of the 49th parallel the divide between the Republican Party and the Democrats is very disturbing as I feel we are witness to the DEATH of the Republic of the United States of America,

“The Founding Fathers of the United States, and the Enlightenment philosophers they learned from — again, the people whose machine we are supposed to keep running — were obsessed with Greece and Rome. The reason why speeches from politicians keep referring to America as an “experiment” in democracy, why there is this sense that they were trying something daring and precarious, is because they lived under the shadow of Rome.”  

As the impeachment process moves along day by day and President Trump’s tweets undermine the constitution and attack his rival party the separation of the people becomes an ever increasing void that will be difficult to fill, not to mention his “whim” style of governing which has no thought of what his impulsive moves are doing to the Allies(United Nations)

The only thoughts I have is that perhaps he (Trump) sees himself as a dictator and believes “only he can fix the world” his arrogance is and should be deeply troubling to the Republicans and the Democrats combined but the divide keeps getting wider!

My condolences to the Americans that are about to loose a Great Democracy that they fought and died for as one man kills the dreams of  the many to satisfy the few.