Muddy Waters, (no, not the musician) Drain the Swamp!

As the powers that be continue in the Swamp that is Washington D.C. I couldn’t help but think how they continue to make the politics of today a muddy slime filled pit of corruption!

Two years of the Mueller investigation that found President Trump not guilty of conspiracy but could not clear him on obstruction of justice! Link to wikipedia site

So after all the time and money spent attorney General Barr spins the report to protect Donald Trump. As they move forward with an Impeachment inquiry and it is becoming more clear he will probably soon be out of office at which time he could likely face indictment for the crimes committed and discovered under the Mueller Report, Attorney General Barr and his cohorts opened up MORE investigations into the INVESTIGATORS, is this in the hopes of finding something wrong with the first investigation done by Mueller in the HOPE TO KEEP DONALD TRUMP OUT OF JAIL? 

Excerpt From the Financial Times: “Should Americans accept that Mr Trump is joking? Only at great risk. No other US president has faced the prospect of being re-elected or going to jail.”