News Media: Opinion

The more I surf the net and come across “News Stories” that I would be interested in reading the more I am presented with “if you would like to read this sign up for a paid subscription.” I have no problem white listing their sites so that I can be bombarded with the advertisements they are paid for, but why should I now have to “subscribe” to their news media to read, or complete reading an article that is being put out for “public information?”

In the days of newsprint I can understand why you would subscribe to a printed publication to have it delivered by a “paperboy/girl” and placed faithfully in a dry place and on time! Those days are all but gone, the advertising continues and is now so well tuned to the sites I have been browsing to “target me specifically” with the latest product I need, I think I should be able to get the news for FREE in this digital age.

Stop offering me a “paid subscription with no ads”  and just take the advertisers money and let me read my articles with ads on the side!

Does anybody think the “NEWS”  is so good they have to hold it for a RANSOM PAYMENT if I want to read it? Hell, I’ll just turn on the TV and get it for free…with ads! And maybe I’ll just go ahead and record it to watch over and over again.