Hate Thy Neighbor! (not the series)

It is 2:22 A.M. I can’t sleep, I get up go to the washroom return to bed and turn on CNN. Nothing different, we’re still caught up in kids being stopped at the US border and detained for accompanying their parent, fleeing injustice in their home country, Central America, Mexico, and other places around the world in Crisis!

Day after day we do the same things, get up make our tea/coffee turn on the news, Facebook or check out who is tweeting what, the proliferation of HATE in the world HAS NEVER BEEN SO RAMPANT, or perhaps we never had it so close to our hearts, with our iPhone/Smartphone in the top shirt pocket or as close as your handbag, such things as “immigrants will infest our country” and Muslims are a threat to our safety All the rhetoric sounds like the stuff my Father put his life on the line from 1939 to 1945 to stop, had he not survived I would never have been born.

Beware what hatred may bring, it has been trying to destroy mankind for a long time, the rise of Nazism  for instance or the want of a narcissistic leader to have ultimate power to name a couple. Link: Narcissistic Leaders

I am not very religious, but I have had good exposure to religion attending the Baptist church in a predominantly Catholic neighborhood where I was a member of the Cub Scouts through the Salvation Army and attended a public school with a lot of Jewish students, diversity, I’d say. So my point is I have had a lot of chances to HATE although I did not have much contact with Black students as it was just the way it was, growing up in a mostly white neighborhood, didn’t even see a Black student until about the third grade.

My first encounter with racism was not until I was 30, that’s right thirty years old, my employer sent me from Toronto, Canada on a five week training course to Dallas, Texas, we were a group of about 15 employees, over the weeks of training I befriended a couple of Blacks from New York, one night I said to “Livingston, (he was about 10yrs my junior) lets go and get pizza for dinner.” “Yeah good he said” sitting in a pizzeria that was by no means busy having a conversation about the days training not really paying attention to our surroundings until 30 minutes had gone by and I said to Livingston “whats with the service,” no one had come to wait our table, He looked at me and said “look at you and look at me, this is Texas you’re white and I’m black, lets go they won’t serve us here!”

I was floored having grown up in Canada and never been taught the colour of your skin would make a difference between getting Pizza or not made no sense to me, this is something that has stuck with me since then and I still don’t understand how people can be so mean to each other.

Well here it is now 4 AM and I am feeling better about venting my anger about mans injustice to man, it does nothing to solve the problem of hatred on a daily basis, try today when you have your coffee and switch on the Internet and you see those tweets and FB posts calling everyone down for “invading your country” think about the children in tow behind their parents, not really understanding why they are traveling or where they are going, try just to think of them as scarred little children wanting a warm bed, a hot bath and to kiss Mom & Dad goodnight! Central American Children at Customs