Guns,Guns,Guns! Children at Risk!

May 20th, 2018,

It was a warm summer night, I was around 17 years old (1969) hanging with a friend at a local restaurant thinking about what to do to break the boredom. The owner of the establishment had had enough of us sitting around over a soft drink and said “it’s time to go.” Laughing and joking around we got up and left.

Out on the street we saw a car pull up, a couple of my buddies’ friends. We both got in the back seat. Smoking and talking, I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went but a few minutes after getting in the car, one of the boys reached over the front seat and put a .45 caliber in my hand and said “We’re going to rob the gas station, you want to help?”  I was kind of dumbfounded and perplexed, taking a minute to think about what had just happened, handing back the firearm and responding “No, and you can let me out here.”


Two weeks later I read in the paper the gas station had indeed been robbed!

Over the years I have thought about that night on numerous occasions and reflected on what might have happened if I had said yes, thinking to myself, strange the decisions we make as young adults can change your life so drastically. I am thankful for my parents teaching me this while I was growing up and giving me the tools I needed to avoid the pressure of my peers and say “no.”

I guess that brings me to the crux of my post: gun violence in the schools of the U.S.A. and the events that lead up to school shootings with 17-year-olds being charged. Was it peer pressure? Social media indoctrination? The influence of T.V. & movies?

Whatever the cause of the event is not as relevant as the fact it was, and is, preventable!

How was this preventable?

Obama push for “Smart Guns.” the preceding link is to a video published April 29th,2016!

A young student, (19) Kai Kloepfer,  who I am sure can relate to the recent school shootings, has developed a technology and won awards (Smart Tech Challenges award) for a “bio-metrically” controlled firearm. He and his co-inventors have a patent and opened a company, Biofire Technologies to produce these items.

Giving up firearms does not have to happen if the firearms are  smarter” than the person holding it!

Kai Kloepfer video