Harvard’s Microcosm of Labor Inequality

Confronting Fundamental Problems of the Human Condition and Pressing Problems of the Day

“At Harvard University, two precedent-setting labor actions occurred almost simultaneously in the fall of 2016: the first strike of dining hall workers during the academic year in Harvard’s history, and the first election for a graduate student employee union since the Columbia National Labor Relations Board decision on August 23, 2016 restored the right of private university student workers to bargain collectively. The Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) strike won a resounding victory on October 26th. The Harvard Graduate Students Union (HGSU-UAW) faced an extremely close election on November 16th and 17th that is still being resolved. Both of these actions highlight an essential feature of union movements that we might learn from, as we inhabit Trump’s America: how to transform a community into the basis of collective power.”

Source: Harvard’s Microcosm of Labor Inequality