Holding them to their Election Promises!

Well here we are 5 days since we voted for a “NEW” government. Justin Trudeau is not ready to move into his childhood home,(24 Sussex Drive), before the 147 year old house has renovations done,(sound familiar)

Seems to me we just keep electing officials, asking that they take up residence in the “Traditional” leader of the Canada’s house and then get informed “first we need to renovate”.

How do we keep doing this voting in Politicians that can’t maintain one house and expect them to give direction on how almost 35 million of us should maintain ours?


Here is an opportunity, let’s see how they do on the election promises they made to us, the next four years may tell, 24 Sussex Drive has been in Mr. Harper’s hands for a while now and considering the statements about the “house is in need of repair” we can assume Harper did not take advise to repair it in 2011.http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/urgent-renovations-needed-on-24-sussex-but-harper-wont-move-out Perhaps it is time to deem it a “Historical Building” and preserve it as a museum


One thought on “Holding them to their Election Promises!

  1. The building needs somewhere between $10M and $150M in repairs. There is asbestos in the walls. It is the NCC that says the renovations are needed… not Trudeau himself.


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