Labour Day op-ed | Fort McMurray Today

Labour Day op-ed | Fort McMurray Today.

“Is Stephen Harper’s Temporary Foreign Worker program deeply flawed? Yes. Did Harper boost the program in order to create an underclass of workers with fewer rights than Canadian citizens? Yes. As a result, should Unifor let them be treated as disposable and let scores of hardworking TFWs be deported? Absolutely not. Many of the employers who invited them here may have been acting unethically, but the workers arrived here in good faith and have worked hard to contribute to the Canadian economy.”

Source- Fort McMurray Today

Et tu, Burger King? Yet another inversion, but this time, one with a big lesson. – The Washington Post

So do we believe that the corporate tax rate in Canada should be increased and take some burden OFF the lowly worker?

Video: Iraqi TV Host Breaks Down Crying On-Air Over What ISIS Has Done to His Country’s Christians | Video |
What is happening in parts of the world today is no different than what happened in Europe pre and during WWII, persecution and segregation of any people because of their religious beliefs is wrong.

If we fail to remember our past we are doomed to repeat it, let’s not do it AGAIN!