Welcome to Tim Hudak’s Republican Ontario

Welcome to Tim Hudak’s Republican Ontario.

“Ever heard of the Wisconsin Playbook? Ever wondered what the plan is behind Tim Hudak’s cutting of 100,000 public service jobs, reducing the taxes on corporations and attacking teachers and education funding? Well, the connection is that they result in parent fatigue with lower quality schools, teachers stripped of wages and benefits, busted unions and new jobs for private school employees. Think of the Harris Common Sense Revolution but on steroids.

Hudak’s Background on Unions

A little background info on Tim Hudak and his Union support. Judge for yourself!

First from a questionnaire from CTV and Tim Hudak responses.

I have done a little research on his political idols.

Follow the link:Tim Hudak 20 Questions


On Ronald Reagan:

“Reagan’s war on labor began in the summer of 1981, when he fired 13,000 striking air traffic controllers and destroyed their union. As Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson noted, that was “an unambiguous signal that employers need feel little or no obligation to their workers, and employers got that message loud and clear — illegally firing workers who sought to unionize, replacing permanent employees who could collect benefits with temps who could not, shipping factories and jobs abroad.”

Source: http://www.dickmeister.com/id89.html

On Margret Thatcher

“The Cabinet papers published under the 30-year rule lay bare the scale of Margaret Thatcher’s long-held ambitions to crush the power of Britain’s trade unions even before she had won her historic 144-seat majority landslide victory.”

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2013/aug/01/margaret-thatcher-trade-union-reform-national-archives

TIM HUDAK some background info,

“In the early 1990’s, under the then-led Ontario NDP government, legislation was introduced that allowed Ontario farm workers to unionize just like other workers in the province. But in 1995, newly elected Conservative Premier Mike Harris discarded that legislation, and re-introduced a farm union ban. Tim Hudak, the current leader of the Ontario PC party, was a member of the Harris caucus when the ban was instituted. Since then the discriminatory ban has been at the centre of a number of legal battles, including a recent decision by the International Labour Organization (ILO), an agency of the United Nations, that the Ontario ban violates the human rights of agriculture workers in Ontario.

Source: http://www.migrantworkersrights.net/en/resources/ontario-ndp-pledges-to-restore-ontario-farm-worker-