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The Oregon AFL-CIO (@workconnectsOR) tweeted at 11:30 PM on Wed, Mar 06, 2013:
Please RT this graphic about why Right to Work is WRONG for everyone! #RTW #ORunion @WorkingAmerica @AFLCIO

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A Grain of Sand

Parliament is supposedly the guardian of our liberties, not the protector of their own interests. A free press is fundamental to the liberty of a free people, whatever happens in the Commons on Monday we will end up with a press which is less free than it is today. Although Parliament will be discussing press regulation what they are actually deciding affects the freedom of all of us.

It is indisputable that some journalists have the ethical standards of pond scum. My first real encounter with values-free journalism was the 1988 Piper Alpha disaster when I visited a parishioner whose husband was missing.

Sitting with the widow of a few hours we were interrupted by journalists at the door. Finally having had enough I answered the door and in exasperation told the two tabloid journalists to go and bother someone else, admittedly I could have been more polite. Shortly after there was…

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